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Helping to create quality learning environments

Public schools in rural areas are often in a bad state of disrepair and can be poor learning environments for children.

We are working with communities to construct safe child-friendly classrooms and helping to renovate existing classrooms so children are able to pursue a quality education in an environment conducive to learning.

The program was initiated in 2015 following the Nepal earthquake. Our first project was the construction of classrooms in the Gorkha and Dolakha Districts that were destroyed in the disaster.

Our infrastructure initiatives have included school building reconstruction projects, water storage and filtration systems, water and hygiene facilities, post-earthquake temporary classrooms, and classroom renovations. Read about our infrastructure projects below.

Rebuilding a Gorkha School

The construction of a permanent school building at the Shree Chandra Kala School in the Gorkha District was an initiative that was born from our disaster aid work following the 2015 Nepal earthquake. (view the Chandra Kala School Earthquake Aid Project entry. We are the principle sponsor in the construction of a four room earthquake […]

Community health in Syangja

According to a 2014 World Health Organisation (WHO) report, almost 40% of the population in Nepal do not have access to adequate sanitation facilities. This means that serious diseases such as dysentery, cholera and typhoid are a constant danger. More broadly, the lack of effective waste disposal or sewerage systems can contaminate ecosystems and contribute […]

Helping to building a winter school

During the winter, when temperatures dip far below zero during the day, the teachers and students from schools in the Upper Mustang region pack up their belongings and move to lower altitudes to continue their education. Essentially, there is a winter ‘migration’ of schools to warmer areas of Nepal for around four months of the […]

Astam Education Centre

We have had a long-term relationship with Shree Bhumeshwor having completed our first project in Nepal at the school in December 2011. Over the last seven years, we have been able to provide upgrades to the computer centre we installed in 2011, place Australian educators at the school to help with teaching, and provided a […]

Bedding for orphanage

Our Child Sponsorship Program has helped to maintain operations at the Bal Mandir Orphanage and support the children since 2015. Child Sponsorship has been a rewarding and effective way to help create positive futures for vulnerable children and their community. During our annual visit, we attempt to identify projects that we could engage in that […]

School water supply

Gorkha was the epicentre of the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015. The earthquake seriously damaged the Bal Mandir School, forcing most of the orphans at the school to sleep in tents and the students taking classes in makeshift tin structures and tents on the school grounds. The disaster also disrupted water supplies to […]

Jalakanyadavi School

Jalakanyadavi lost six classrooms in the 2015 earthquake and the only structure that withstood the quake was a new building completed several years before and made of reinforced concrete. The 350 students at the school were either being taught in the new building, sometimes two classes being conducted in the one room, or in one […]

Himalaya School

The Shree Himalaya School was another school that experienced total destruction during the 2015 Earthquake. This was the largest school we assisted during the earthquake recovery program with around 650 students who were being taught in 12 temporary classrooms that had no walls, were constructed of wood frames and tin sheets. They were all built […]

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