Child Sponsorship Program

Make a lasting
change in a child's life

If you’re looking to help children in Nepal, why not join our Child Sponsorship Program – an alternative way of giving regular and life-changing support.

Child sponsorship is a rewarding and effective way to help create positive futures for children. As a sponsor, you will be supporting vulnerable children and their community. We’ll also keep you up to date with how your generous support is helping.

Here are some of the children we
are supporting with the help of sponsors

We are supporting children at an orphanage located within a government school in the Gorkha District of Nepal. We came across the orphanage following the 2015 Nepal earthquake. The orphanage suffered severe damage and the children were living in tents.

Bibash’s best subject is science and he is passing all of his exams. His father died when he was nine years old and he was abandoned by his mother. Bibash is studying hard and wants to be an engineer.


Saraswoti’s father was killed in the 2015 earthquake when a large stone fell on him as he was working. As a result, her mother suffered from a breakdown and was unable to care for her.


Bishal arrived at the orphanage in early 2016 when his guardian was unable to take care of him because of financial reasons. He was abandoned by his mother when he was an infant and no one knows who the father is.

How does the program work?

Our connection

We work with the children and the orphanage to create lasting and meaningful change by supporting the children through years of schooling and helping to create a healthy and happy community. We pay frequent visits and receive regular updates that we pass onto sponsors.

Stay in contact

Stay connected with your child to find out how they are progressing. This video shows unedited footage of a gift and letter being received by one of the children from their sponsor.

Your support

For a little under $1.50 per day, you will be giving children the best possible start to life. The minimum contribution is $35 per month or you can choose to contribute more on a monthly basis.

Living expenses

Funds are used by the orphanage to help take care of living and educational expenses from food, hiring caretakers, cloths and educational material – essentially everything they require to live and study.


Funds are helping to improve infrastructure. We have provided a water storage and filtration system for safe drinking water and for sanitation. We have also helped in rebuilding efforts after the earthquake.

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We will make sure we have the latest report from Nepal with child sponsorship needs and we will let you know.


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We will get all the sponsorship details to you and start the process of connecting you to the work at the orphanage.

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