Publications online at the National Library

Publications online at the National Library

All of our publications including annual reports can now be accessed at the National Library of Australia’s e-repository Trove.

You can read about our work at:

1. Annual Report Summary (2015 – 2019) – Our annual reports as a Public Company. Our annual reports as an Incorporated Association(VIC) from 2012 – 2014 will be online soon.

2. Nepal Earthquake Aid Program Report (2015) – report on our aid work to help repair and revive rural Nepali schools affected by the disaster.

3. Preparing to Teach in Nepal, 2nd Ed (2020) – A practical guide for international volunteers and professionals who want to prepare themselves to teach or volunteer in schools in Nepal.

4. A Report on Ten Years in Nepal (2022) Our reflection on ten years of helping communities access the resources, information, skills and technologies they need to provide educational opportunities for their children.

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