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Ever wanted to help make a difference by becoming a volunteer or looking to fulfill your professional placement overseas?

The Pathways Program is a volunteer and placement program for connecting skilled people from around the world to communities we work with in Nepal.

We have built trusting relationships with local communities and work closely with them to understand how their needs can be helped filled by volunteers. We are therefore able to offer unique opportunities in various locations with full local support.

A guide to teaching in Nepal

This is a practical guide for volunteers and professionals who want to prepare themselves to teach in schools in Nepal. There are details about Nepal, what to expect when you arrive, issues you may face in the classroom, what you need to do, what you need to bring, and important information about health and safety.

The guide was compiled over many years and draws on first-hand experience in placing students, teacher and other volunteers in rural government schools.  It has been written to appeal to anyone preparing to volunteer teach or who wants to know more about the country and its education system. The focus is on teaching in primary and lower secondary schools, but there are lessons for teaching in general, such as building knowledge and skills within communities.

The guide also helps teachers to consider what it takes to navigate a different educational, cultural and linguistic environment and how it can help shape beliefs and reinforce behaviours  that are consistent with building personal resilience and leadership.

Click on image to download the PDF (8mb)

Ideal for professional placement, professional experience, field experience programs and cultural competency preparation for pre-service teachers.

Professional experience is at the very heart of many international development and teacher education programs. Students are placed into a real-life professional setting, allowing them to practice what they studied and to further develop skills and confidence as a professional.

Teacher training institutions have a focus on preparing pre-service teachers for the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse school systems. In Australia, for example, cultural diversity is evident in many schools with around 45% of the population being born, or have at least one parent born, overseas from one of over 200 countries.

Our Program has provided unique opportunities for individuals to develop greater skills and abilities in working with diversity.

You will go through our pre-departure preparation training and our local supervisor will provide support to ensure your experience and teaching impact is a positive one.

If you have just finished your studies or taking a break and have skills that you think you can share, why not apply to be part of the Pathways Program?

University students can make a worthwhile and lasting contribution to communities in rural Nepal. We provide the project, structure and support and students provide the passion to make it happen.

As a volunteer, you can develop personal and professional skills that can come from stepping out of your comfort zone and being completely immersed in a different cultural and linguistic environment. You also have the opportunity to reflect on any biases and preconceived notions and develop strengths that will help you to face life challenges.

Ideal for students who have completed their studies or in their final years in the areas of education, engineers, computer science, health and international development.

If you feel you have something to contribute, apply and we can discuss special projects to meet your needs and the needs of the local community.

We welcome applications from qualified individuals who have experience working in their field.

We can accommodate a diverse range of professionals that can build knowledge and understanding within communities in areas such as off-grid power supplies, building standards, teaching, women’s empowerment, community health and rehabilitation, and project management.

When volunteers work with children, we look at ways of integrating their efforts with teacher training so the potential for improving the education outcomes of children continues long after volunteers have departed.

People we have worked with:

  • Professional teachers who have helped design and deliver local teacher professional development programs.
  • Tradespeople and engineers who have worked on ICT maintenance, electrical protection and off-grid power sources.
  • Building and construction specialists who have have helped with our school infrastructure program.
  • Technical specialists that have developed solutions for using technology in challenging environments.

Postgraduate and professional researchers are welcome to join us in tackling some challenging issues in education and community development.

We have been working closely with local communities and monitored our programs for many years. We understand the challenges of development work and believe there are many areas worthy of postgraduate study or professional researcher involvement.

Please contact us to discuss potential projects. We will be able to set you in the right direction and with local community and government support.

  • Government and international policies and the realities of implementation ‘on the ground’.
  • The trials and tribulations of ICTs in education and appropriate use of technology.
  • Issues relating to migration, gender and marginalised communities.
  • Impact of foreign influence on local development and tourism.
  • Teacher training and professional development.
  • Best practice and realistic pathways for building skills in the community.

We conduct a number of tours and expeditions to conduct research and impact assessments for our projects. We are more than happy to include interested institutions and individuals who want to be part of that process.

We have also crafted cultural tours for universities and for people who are interested in traveling to Nepal for specific purposes.

If you have an interest in helping our development objectives or would like specialist input into constructing a package that meets your needs or the needs of your program, please CONTACT US.

  • Cultural tours for university and secondary school groups.
  • Individuals who want to join us on our monitoring and assessment visits.
  • Special tours that connect you to socio-cultural issues and how solutions are being developed on the ground.

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Volunteer in Australia

If you have the skills and the passion to help with our programs in Australia, please contact us. We have a particular need for people with abilities in the following areas.


We are looking for people who can come up with creative activities and be a driving force behind events. We need individuals with events management skills and who can raise awareness of our work.

Teachers & trainers

Can you develop educational material or provide expert advise so that we can deliver long-term sustainable results? We want to deliver high quality educational material to the schools we help.

Public relations

We are developing relationships and partnerships with donors, entrepreneurs, philanthropic trusts, businesses and community groups. Help us to build long-term relationships.

Web & graphic designers

People with IT and design skills who can help us develop web-based content and apps that deliver educational programs and promotional materials.


Please contact us if you have experience in working on development projects and believe you can help with fulfilling our mission.

Policy & professional

We always appreciate pro-bono assistance and advice from professionals, especially in legal areas, policy development, program monitoring, accounting and program administration.

Meet Our Australian Team


Monica Lamperd
Pathways Program Coordinator
Bev Langdon
Administrative Officer
Margie Lamperd
Child Sponsorship Coordinator
Daniel Lombardo
ICT & e-Learning Initiatives Coordinator
Anjan Tripathi
Community Relations
Mark Pinoli
Gabriella Olszewski
Fundraising Coordinator (WA)
Matthew Jones
Policy & Financial
Chennan Gu
Web Developer
Michelle Slattery
Executive Assistant

Stories from Our Volunteers

monica lamperd doncaster

Monica started as a volunteer and is now program coordinator

Monica first went to Nepal in 2014 on the Pathways Program and spent three weeks teaching English to grade six students. She developed valuable skills for teaching English as a Second Language and fell in love with the country and its people.

She returned to Nepal on the Early Career Leadership Program a year later and spent three months teaching at a boarding school for kids from the Mustang region near Tibet. She also worked with local teachers to develop educational resources. Monica was appointed as our Pathways Program Coordinator and is looking forward to introducing new volunteers to the program.

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