Partnership in community health

Partnership in community health

We are happy to announce our second project with our partner Xtreme Adventures will commence in April this year.

Xtreme Adventures, led by Jack Carmody and Russ Tomlin, will be taking a team from WorkSafe Victoria, Victoria Police and Sibelco to Gokyo Lakes / Everest Base Camp on a Leadership and Teamwork Development Program. At the end of the Program, the Xtreme Adventures Team will journey with Logged On to an area near Pokhara and start a hands-on project to improve sanitation conditions for a rural community.

In Nepal, the fact that only 62% of the population have access to adequate sanitation facilities means that serious diseases such as dysentery, cholera and typhoid are a constant danger. Beyond the community, the lack of effective waste disposal or sewerage systems can contaminate ecosystems and contribute to disease pandemics. The World Health Organization estimates that diarrheal diseases cause the deaths of thousands of children under five years old every year.

The Foundation received an appeal from the women’s community support group in the Syangja District for the construction of a communal latrine and wash facility. Logged On and the team accepted the challenge and will be in the District in late April to manage its construction. The aim of the project is simple – complete the facility so that there will be a significant reduction of preventable diseases in the area.

To ensure the success of our project, the team will be conducting its own fundraising efforts to purchase materials and pay local labourers for the construction. The group will also work beside local people to help complete the facility.

The team reached Everest Base Camp and completed a community assistance project in the Gorkha District in 2017. A sustainable water catchment/supply and computer center was installed at the Bal Mandir School and Orphanage with over 330 children and 15 staff members being helped as a result (see our article). This is the second of many charity projects that we plan on undertaking with our partner over the coming years.

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