A guide to teaching in Nepal

teach in Nepal

A guide to teaching in Nepal

This is a practical guide for volunteers and professionals who want to prepare themselves to teach or volunteer in schools in Nepal. There are details about Nepal, what to expect when you arrive, issues you may face in the classroom, what you need to do, what you need to bring, and important information about health and safety.

The guide was compiled over eight years of working with volunteer teachers placed in Nepali schools and draws on observations and interviews with local teaching staff, Nepali students, and volunteers. It provided an evidence based approach to preparing, as an overseas teacher, to conduct classes in Nepal and identify simple, powerful and ‘appropriate’ ways of teaching that aligns with the local curriculum and engages and resonates positively with students and their teachers. The focus is on teaching in primary and lower secondary schools, but there are lessons for teaching in other domains such as building knowledge and skills within communities.

This information would also appeal to teacher training institutions placing students in Nepal with a focus on: preparing their students for the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse school systems; and, who wish to provide unique opportunities for their students to expand their experiences and develop skills in working with diversity. The guide also highlights the need for teachers to prepare to be completely immersed in a different educational, cultural and linguistic environment and to be aware of how it may help shape their beliefs and reinforce behaviours that are consistent with building personal resilience and leadership.


ISBN: 978-0-6480203-1-8

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