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We envision a world where children have every opportunity to reach their potential and have the skills and knowledge to be able to participate fully in the world.

Access to resources

We work with communities to help them access the resources, information, skills and technologies they need to provide educational opportunities for their children.

Local Empowerment

We also provide education and community empowerment programs that impact on the welfare of children and their families.

We bring people from around the world to experience the beauty of Nepal and work with local organisations to create local opportunities.

We generate income to support community projects through our volunteer and expedition services.

Our Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are communities in low socioeconomic circumstances where we are invited to find ways of bringing sustainable benefits. Activities include, but are not limited to:


Teacher training and providing educational aids and resources to schools. School construction and infrastructure programs.


Scholarships and sponsorships for children.


Training and community capacity building programs.

Digital Technology

Establishing computer centres and using technology to bridge the digital divide and empower teachers and learners.

Logged On is a Public Company

Name: Logged On Foundation Ltd
Organisation Type: Australian Public Company, Limited by Guarantee.
Management: Board of Directors, please see Our Team.
ABN: 66 584 801 535  |  ACN: 166 674 737
Established: March 2011 | Closed: July 2020
Head Office: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Founder & CEO: Mark Pinoli

We are fully registered and insured

Australian Government: registered charity with tax concessions.
Registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.
Fundraising license: 13479 (Victoria)

Community Underwriting (policy: COM011554)
Voluntary Workers Personal Accident: $250,000
Public and Products Liability: $20,000,000

The Logged On Foundation was officially established in March 2011 as an Association registered in Victoria. The Association, Logged On Foundation Inc. was established with the support of the inaugural committee members.

In November 2013, the Association structure was upgraded to a Public Company so the Foundation could operate more freely within Australia. The objectives of the Foundation remained essentially the same and known as Logged On Foundation, although we have been called by many similar names including Logged On, Loggedon Foundation, Loggedon or just plain LOF.

Our first project in Nepal was initiated in the village of Astam, Kaski District, in September 2011 and completed on 14 December 2011.

Our last project was completed in June 2020 in the Gorkha District. We wound up in a strong position without debts or liabilities and with a proud history of achievements. All projects in Nepal have been completed successfully and we have helped over 7,000 individuals in 31 communities in eight Districts which a solid outcome for a small charity.

We are purely not-for-profit and are motivated by seeing the lives of people improved.

Donated funds go to projects and not be used to run offices in Australia or overseas, or for the accommodation and airfares of project managers and volunteers. We do not pay Directors fees or give any form of gratuity payment to volunteers in or from outside the program country. Our administrative costs are small and will be limited to a fraction of what we raise.

All individuals who are associated with Logged On – office holders, volunteers and members – do so because they share our vision and want to make a difference.

We work in partnership and dialogue with local schools and communities to conceptualise and design programs to meet local needs and solve local problems. Local ownership is central to our approach and we understand that success comes from initiatives that are locally driven.

We aim to build capacity within the communities we help. We want local people to realise their potential for ‘better lives’. Top-down perceptions of what constitutes better lives do not always coincide with real needs and we are determined to create ‘bottom up’ community empowerment programs.

We aim to promote excellence, professionalism and best practice in all areas of our work, and instill these values in those people who volunteer and work with us.

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